London Grand Prix gets backing from F1 team boss: 'Would top everything'

15-05-2021 09:03 | Updated: 15-05-2021 09:55
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London Grand Prix gets backing from F1 team boss: 'Would top everything'

A Formula One race on the streets of London. It's an idea that comes up once in a while. This time it is supported by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, who is in favour of a race through the streets of the British capital.

In 2020, thanks to the coronavirus, we suddenly saw two races on British soil. Both Grands Prix were held at Silverstone to fill the calendar. Wolff does not want to lose the GP at Silverstone, he says in conversation with the Evening Standard. "I would like that we have a grand prix in Silverstone as this is what the fans love and Silverstone is part of the traditional circuit of races in Formula 1."

Not replacing Silverstone, but complementing it

But in addition to the race at Silverstone, Wolff has a big dream: "But racing in London would top everything and I hope that the Mayor of London [Sadiq Khan] and [the Prime Minister] Mr Johnson read this and we get that going."

Mayor Khan says he wants to make London the sports capital of the world and Wolff thinks a Grand Prix through the city's streets could fit in well with that. "We have the most efficient hybrid engines in the world and the current superstar is a British guy so racing in London showcasing our technology and our innovative capability, let’s go. Let's go racing in London," Wolff concludes.

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