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Horner confident in Verstappen: 'No doubt he can handle this'

Horner confident in Verstappen: 'No doubt he can handle this'

13-05-2021 14:13 Last update: 18:26


With four races now completed the battle for the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has begun. An important victory for the Briton in Spain has brought criticism to Verstappen and Red Bull. In a new interview, Horner says he does not want to know anything about this yet and argues that his driver can also perform under enormous pressure.

Many Formula 1 experts attributed Verstappen's mistakes this season to the enormous pressure he is under in the title race with Mercedes. However, Horner resolutely contradicts this: "Look, they can all make mistakes and we're at the non-pressured stage of the championship at the moment. As we get to the business end it will count for more."

Horner continues, speaking to ESPN: "When five races are left and if there is still the points difference that there is now, that's when the pressure mounts up, not at this stage."

In character

The team boss also argues that Verstappen has it in him to deal positively with pressure, as he has done throughout his career. Horner: ""Every big pressure point in his career I've seen him deal with previously, he's stepped up to the plate tremendously well. I've got no doubt he'll be able to deal with it should the opportunity come."

In addition, Horner let slip a comment on the psychological games thrown into the fray by the top teams this year. "Max will do his talking on track," Horner says.

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