Clarkson sees more of "an edge" between Hamilton and Verstappen in Spain

12-05-2021 11:03 | Updated: 12-05-2021 12:27
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Clarkson sees more of an edge between Hamilton and Verstappen in Spain

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are fighting together for the world title. So far the battle between the two has been relaxed but Tom Clarkson now notices that there is a bit more tension.

Hamilton versus Verstappen

Hamilton and Verstappen have fought for victory in every Grand Prix so far in 2021. Three of those races have been won by Hamilton with the Dutchman picking up just a single victory. The Dutchman will be disappointed to have lost to Hamilton on a number of occasions, but he doesn't show it. Still, more tensions are noticeable between the two drivers.

"I was surprised with Verstappen's equilibrium. Either he is acting very well, or underneath he is extremely upset. He will feel that this is a chance, even if it is a small chance for the championship, but it is slipping already. He's saying he's not too happy with the situation, but he must be, surely he is," Damon Hill said during the F1 Nation Podcast.

Tensions mount

Tom Clarkson is a journalist often present in the room after the race, and he notices a different atmosphere between the two drivers. "There was more of an edge in the room, and I think there were various trigger points for that. One is turn one, for the second time in three races Hamilton had to take avoiding action to stop the two colliding."

"Lewis then said that he had learned a lot about Max's way of driving, and that was a direct reference to turn one. Max is so ruthless, and really a pain in the ass. There was much more of an edge, and they weren't looking at each other anymore," the presenter concludes.

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