Verstappen still sees advantage for Mercedes: 'But we're getting closer'

07-05-2021 22:38
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Verstappen still sees advantage for Mercedes: 'But we're getting closer'

Max Verstappen will be driving his hundredth race for Red Bull Racing this weekend, the team that gave him his first victory. So for the Dutchman a special place where he likes to race.

During an interview with Ziggo Sport, Verstappen is visibly in a good mood. "I'm a professional sim driver now," he says jokingly, referring to the virtual races he has participated in recently, including the 24-hour race on the long layout of the Nürburgring.

"We know the engine is better, but we are not yet where we want to be," Verstappen continued. "We are still a bit behind Mercedes, and we know that too. But I do think we have come a bit closer."

There has been plenty of discussion lately about the use of track limits. Now the raised kerbs at Turn 7 have been extended to prevent drivers going over the limits there, something Verstappen clearly disagrees with. "We were just talking about it in the briefing. I personally think it's unnecessary, because we never had track limits there."

"But because the car is a bit higher, of course the front end comes up against the kerb, and then I think: Why do we need to make a track limit somewhere where we've never had a problem with track limits? But the thing is, they're not going to change it, so we just have to drive as close to it as possible," Verstappen said.

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