Bottas confident: 'I know it's not going to happen'

06-05-2021 13:40 | Updated: 06-05-2021 14:20
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Bottas confident: 'I know it's not going to happen'

Mercedes and Red Bull Racing will once again battle it out for first place this weekend. Valtteri Bottas expects the Spanish Grand Prix to be an exciting one and hopes that his team will be the fastest in the end.

Bottas is not sure about this though. Red Bull is experiencing a very strong year and can compete well with Mercedes for the time being. "It's very close together. That will also be the case this week. It will be a good fight with Red Bull. We will try to push them to a fault like we did before in the past," he told the press conference to

Meanwhile, the rumours about his seat are increasing. According to various media, Mercedes is considering not extending Bottas' contract and letting George Russell take his place. According to Bottas, this does not distract him. "Because I know it's not going to happen. I just have a contract for this year. There is only one team that does this kind of thing."

Battle for world championship

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are the fastest drivers of the two teams for now. Where the Englishman is top of the world championship standings with 69 points, Verstappen is fast behind him with 61 points.

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