Montoya is not a fan of track limits: "It only makes Red Bull angrier"

04-05-2021 19:02 | Updated: 04-05-2021 21:59
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Montoya is not a fan of track limits: It only makes Red Bull angrier

Track limits have been a hot topic during the first few races of the Formula 1 season. Especially the enforcement of the rules by the stewards in Bahrain caused a lot of controversy. Too much thinks former Formula 1 driver Juan-Pablo Montoya.

So far the track limit rules have cost Max Verstappen a victory, a pole position and a point for the fastest lap. This caused a lot of discussion, especially because the rules are not always enforced consistently. Seven times GP-winner Montoya thinks this discussion overshadows the title fight between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Frustration only makes Red Bull more motivated

Indeed, that battle is great, Montoya agrees. "It is great for television, especially because two different teams are fighting each other. In recent years, Formula 1 was missing something, and now to see Red Bull and Mercedes competing against each other is a lot of fun," said the Colombian in conversation with "But the track limits make it a bit too controversial. I understand that they want to make the circuits safer, but it's very difficult to control and understand why sometimes it's wrong and sometimes not."

However, he is convinced that the frustration this is causing Red Bull is only making them more determined to beat Mercedes. "It only makes Red Bull angrier. They want to beat Mercedes incredibly badly, and that makes it very cool to watch," Montoya continued. "Helmut Marko is not someone with a lot of patience, and I don't think Max is either. So if they get the chance to go for it, they definitely will."

In addition, Montoya also sees a luck factor with Hamilton. "In Imola, he made a huge mistake that sent him off the track, and then he was lucky to get a red flag. Someone with that much luck and talent is very hard to beat", Montoya concludes.

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