"Bottas in a Mercedes will always be beaten by Max in a Red Bull"

03-05-2021 12:33 | Updated: 03-05-2021 16:23
by GPblog.com
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Bottas in a Mercedes will always be beaten by Max in a Red Bull

The minimal power difference between the Mercedes and the Red Bull, but also between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has kept the Formula 1 world interested from the very beginning in Bahrain. Although the season has only just begun, it seems we can get ready for a real titanic battle between the two.

Who is faster?

Peter Windsor analyses everything related to F1 on his Youtube channel, and so he also gives his thoughts on the race in Portugal. According to Windsor, Red Bull used everything it had in Portugal, but it was just not enough: "When the Mercedes is driven by Bottas, the Mercedes will always be beaten by Verstappen in the Red Bull. With Lewis that's a different story. Then it would have become very close."

According to Windsor, Mercedes therefore has an engine advantage: "If Max had driven at the front, Lewis would have caught him on the straight. In Portugal Mercedes was faster. Whether this will be the case at other circuits remains to be seen. In Bahrain and Imola Honda was not far behind, but if you had just come back from Mars and only seen this race you would immediately realise that Mercedes has the faster engine."

Impressive performance by Max

According to Windsor, Red Bull Racing will have had the same feeling about the weekend in Portugal, which means there is work to be done. However, he is satisfied with Max's race: "A very good P2, he got everything out of the car.

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