Hamilton: 'It feels like we've come with too hard compound'

30-04-2021 16:48 | Updated: 30-04-2021 17:05
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Hamilton: 'It feels like we've come with too hard compound'

Lewis Hamilton topped his first practice of the season in FP2 today, but the Mercedes driver expressed how it was a tough day for all the drivers of the grid. He feels that the compound of tyres were a key factor, whilst conditions also played a key part in the timings at Portimao today. 

Wrong tyre set?

"It generally feels like we came here last year and the tyres were too hard and we've come here with pretty much the same tyres or even harder," Hamilton explained when talking to Sky Sports. "It feels like we've come with too hard compound in my opinion it should have been mid-range - 2,3,4 but we will get through it."

Wind stronger than last year

In its Grand Prix debut last season, Portimao's weather conditions affected the drivers majorly. Hamilton stated that the wind was a key factor when asked about the track conditions, "pretty much the same [track surface]. It's a little bit grippier but a lot more wind. So, everyone was sliding around a bit more today."

All drivers in a similar situation

"I think everyone looks like they are struggling with the balance today," explained the Brit. "So, it's difficult to say whether it's the car, the wind, or the track. It's definitely been a challenge to keep the car on track."

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