Steiner corrects Mazepin: 'Schumacher has no advantage'

28-04-2021 17:20 | Updated: 28-04-2021 20:28
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Steiner corrects Mazepin: 'Schumacher has no advantage'

Nikita Mazepin's start of his Formula 1 career has been one of trial and error. Both in Bahrain and Imola he had trouble keeping his Haas on the track. On top of that Mick Schumacher makes a better impression despite his own problems and is a lot faster. According to team principal Guenther Steiner this is gnawing away at the young Russian's self-confidence.

Not a disadvantage, but not a great advantage for Schumacher either

Mazepin let slip last week in an interview with Russian Match TV that Schumacher benefits from his position as a talent in the Ferrari Driver Academy. This would give the German extra driving time in Formula 1 cars and the simulator in Maranello. However, Steiner doesn't think Schumacher will benefit much from this.

"I would say it's not an advantage," Steiner says in an interview with RTL Germany. "Nikita also drives in the simulator [at home]. Driving is always good. You always learn something from it. But actually, you don't get much out of driving a two-year-old car at Fiorano. It's certainly not a disadvantage for Mick, but it's not a huge advantage either."

According to Steiner, these kinds of small things have mainly gotten between Mazepin's ears due to the poor start to the season. "If you put yourself in his position, it all goes into the psyche, he [Mick Schumacher] is indeed driving more, that certainly doesn't help then," said Steiner, who stressed his equal treatment of drivers at Haas.

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