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FIA and F1 teams compromise on sprint races: 'Confirmation this weekend'

FIA and F1 teams compromise on sprint races: 'Confirmation this weekend'

26-04-2021 11:33 Last update: 12:00


The arrival of sprint races on the F1 calendar for this season seems increasingly certain. The teams will today (Monday) vote on the arrival of these sprint races on the Saturday of a GP weekend, with three circuits being given the honour of developing this idea, namely Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos.

That's what Motorsport.com have report. The whole race weekend will be different in these sprint race weekends. The teams will have their qualifying session on Friday, after which a race over 100 kilometres will take place on Saturday. The results of this race will determine the starting position for the race on Sunday.

Budget cap point of discussion

In addition, there are a small amount of points to be earned for the podium spots in the Saturday sprint races. First place gets three points, second place gets two points and third place gets a single point. An important point of discussion was the cost of three extra races in a season. With the budget cap, teams risk going over the limit if a lot of costs are made in the sprint races.

Therefore each team will get the space for 500,000 dollars extra to spend, where individual teams will get the possibility to raise the individual limit in case of a big crash in the sprint race, where the costs are very high. The teams have until Wednesday to cast their vote and it is expected that before the race weekend in Portugal the decision will be officially announced.

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