Hamilton not used to having to take big risks anymore'

23-04-2021 08:21 | Updated: 23-04-2021 08:48
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Hamilton not used to having to take big risks anymore'

The 2021 Formula 1 season looks to be one for the history books, with a unique battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Jacques Villeneuve enjoys this duel because he sees Hamilton finally making mistakes again.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have dominated Formula 1 for the past seven years. Nico Rosberg took one title from Hamilton, but otherwise, he has never really had any competition. In 2021 a duel seems to be unfolding between Hamilton and Verstappen, and in Imola, it became clear that Hamilton will not be faultless.

Hamilton not faultless

''It will be exciting. You can already see in Imola that Lewis is not used to taking big risks anymore, but he has to do that again now, unlike in previous seasons. Because now he has a competitor of equal value, and also someone who drives for a different team'', Villeneuve said to Sport1.de.

The Canadian immediately noticed two mistakes by Lewis. ''He should have run it in the first corner against Max. He was on the outside, but stayed there and actually ruined his race already in the first corner. Then he took too many risks in overtaking. That hadn't happened to him in previous years. The red flag saved him. He was very happy this weekend'', concludes the 1997 world champion.

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