Mercedes takes first fastest pit stop in two years at Imola

19-04-2021 15:39 | Updated: 19-04-2021 18:14
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Mercedes takes first fastest pit stop in two years at Imola

Although Mercedes don't seem to be able to beat the Red Bull on speed this season, they will have to bet on strategic strength. They did this in Imola by taking the fastest pit stop honour away from their direct rivals.

Within 2.24 seconds Mercedes engineers put a new set of tyres on Valtteri Bottas' W12. In doing so, the team secured their first fastest pit stop in two years at the Italian circuit. The prize is overseen by the DHL Fastest Pitstop Award and after each Grand Prix, a top ten is published.

Red Bull follows in second place. The team that still holds the record for the fastest pitstop - a staggering 1.82 - was able to change Verstagen's tyres in 2.27 seconds. A minimal difference with Mercedes. At the bottom of the top ten are Alpine and AlphaTauri, whose fastest pitstops at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix were 2.86 and 2.78 seconds respectively.

Nothing lost for Red Bull

The 2021 pit stop ranking is still, however, in Red Bull's name. This is due to the team's impressive 1.93 and 2.00 in Bahrain.

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