Mercedes may not be able to make any developments due to Bottas' crash

19-04-2021 10:30 | Updated: 19-04-2021 11:01
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Mercedes may not be able to make any developments due to Bottas' crash

The crash of George Russell and Valtteri Bottas might have big consequences for the development of Mercedes. The price that has to be paid for this crash, can now not be used by Mercedes to produce new parts.

Russell and Bottas caused a huge crash in Imola. Neither of the two got blamed for this action, but the bill will have to be paid. Especially Mercedes is in a lot of pain because the front wing of Lewis Hamilton was also written off a lap before this crash. Andrew Shovlin knows that this will be a problem.

Big consequences for Mercedes

''When you have a series of big incidents like this with quite a lot of damage, it's bad for us. We also had Lewis' front wing, so that will definitely exceed the amount we had calculated for this. In an ideal world you want to be able to use those parts indefinitely and you don't break them,'' says Shovlin according to

The problem in 2021, however, is that Mercedes can no longer make new parts indefinitely, and therefore cannot continue to develop as easily. ''Eventually this will become a big problem and could hit your budget to develop your car further. We have to be careful about this in the future'', concludes a worried Shovlin on behalf of Mercedes.

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