Leclerc had chance to take over lead from Verstappen: "I considered it"

19-04-2021 06:26 | Updated: 19-04-2021 07:00
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Leclerc had chance to take over lead from Verstappen: I considered it

Max Verstappen almost lost his first position at the restart of the Imola Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc was driving second at the time, but explains why he did not pass Verstappen who almost spun.

Making the right choice

Verstappen had a tense moment when he almost spun just before he was about to get on the gas after the safety car. For Leclerc this could have been an opportunity to take over the first place from the Dutchman, but he chose to stay behind. In the end, it was the best choice.

"I considered it at one point, but I at the same time backed off. I think looking back at it, it was the right choice because I think he always had one wheel on the track," Leclerc explained opposite

No podium in the end for Leclerc

"And so, I backed off and he didn't completely spin, obviously, as we've seen. So, I thought about it but it was too late and he was already back in front," said the Monegasque. Leclerc let Lando Norris pass him after the restart and eventually lost a podium position as well when Lewis Hamilton overtook him.

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