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Canadian Grand Prix cancelled? Formula 1 denies rumours

Canadian Grand Prix cancelled? Formula 1 denies rumours

15-04-2021 19:28 Last update: 20:32


The Canadian Grand Prix is scheduled for June 13, but earlier reports indicate a possible cancellation of the Grand Prix. The primary reason for the possible cancellation of the race is due to restrictions in place in the country due to the pandemic, as well as the lack of financial support. For the time being however there is no question of cancellation, Formula 1 is still in talks with the parties involved.


It has been unclear for quite some time what exactly will happen to this Grand Prix. For the time being it is on the calendar but if the Grand Prix is cancelled then Turkey is the alternative. Radio-Canada reported that the race was cancelled because the risk was too high according to the city of Montréal.

Racer.com checked with Formula 1 about the exact situation but they refuse to confirm the Radio-Canada report. In fact, the talks are still going on, so nothing is excluded. Formula One's representative said the following: "We are continuing our discussions with the promoter in Canada and have no further comment."

Exception on quarantine

We will have to wait and see, but reading between the lines it seems that both Formula 1 and the promoter still want the Grand Prix to go ahead. But it might come down to the city council who might put a stop to it. The problem might be a quarantine exception. This is necessary because the whole event will travel to Canada immediately after the Azeri Grand Prix.

This goes against the normal conditions of travel and could be a public health issue. To be continued.

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