Formula 1 wants to enhance viewing experience with extra information during the race

15-04-2021 10:58 | Updated: 15-04-2021 12:22
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Formula 1 wants to enhance viewing experience with extra information during the race

In recent years more and more infographics were added during the races with information about the driving behaviour of the drivers. We already got information about the speed in corners and the development between teams during the season. This season we will get even more.

First addition in Imola

A total of six new infographics will be introduced throughout this season, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The first one we're going to see right away this weekend in Imola. At the second Grand Prix of the season, we'll get additional information on braking performance. "This shows how a driver's braking style during a corner manoeuvre can give an advantage on the exit of the corner," reports

Data such as top speed on approach to the corner, speed reduction during braking, braking power used (KWH) and the immense G-forces drivers undergo during corner entry will be on display.

Deeper Than Ever

Throughout the rest of the season, F1 fans will also be able to view Car Exploitation (from Canada), Energy Usage (from Great Britain), Start Analysis (from Italy), Pitlane Performance (from Japan) and Undercut Threat. This will give fans many new insights into the performance of the teams and drivers.

"With this new set of race statistics for 2021, we're going deeper than ever before," says Rob Smedley, chief engineer of F1. "Technology is constantly improving, and thanks to AWS, our fans can appreciate how that technology impacts race results. The new statistics peel back additional layers of race strategies and performance, and use advanced visualisations to make racing even more understandable and exciting."

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