Alesi doesn't blame Verstappen: "For me there has to be more clarity"

15-04-2021 08:26 | Updated: 15-04-2021 09:29
Alesi doesn't blame Verstappen: For me there has to be more clarity

Jean Alesi hopes the stewards will enforce track limits better during the Imola Grand Prix. Something that Lewis Hamilton did during the first race of the year in Bahrain should not happen again according to the former Formula 1 driver.

Lewis Hamilton went off track 29 times in Turn 4, giving him a considerable time advantage. According to Red Bull's calculations, the seven-time world champion was two to three tenths a lap faster. When Verstappen then went off the asphalt for the first time and overtook Hamilton, he was forced to give the position back immediately.

Alesi angry at F1

Alesi doesn't get it and expresses his dissatisfaction at"What happened with Hamilton and Verstappen in Bahrain, the fans don't understand. There would be a simple solution for that. The rules here are just not clear. Lewis keeps coming off the line after his pit stop, there is no penalty. Verstappen uses the same line to pass Lewis, then suddenly there is penalty. For me, there needs to be more clarity here. And it should look like this: If a driver leaves the track with all four wheels, he should be penalised, and immediately."

The 56-year-old Frenchman believes that a drive-trough penalty should simply be handed out the moment there is significant benefit from cutting the corner. "Such a clear solution leaves no room for interpretation and polemic. When Lewis got back on track after his tyre change, he knew exactly - now comes a very important phase of the race for him. By regularly going wide in Turn 4, he gained a lot of time," said Alesi.

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