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Canadian Grand Prix in jeopardy: no financial support from Quebec

Canadian Grand Prix in jeopardy: no financial support from Quebec

14-04-2021 18:12 Last update: 18:41


Not so long ago we published an article in which we wrote that the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, is making frantic efforts to ensure that the GP of Canada can take place on the planned date.


The director of public health in Quebec, Horacio Arruda, does not immediately exclude that the race can continue, although this would be without spectators. Through good advisory protocols, he says, there would be support to let the event take place without risk to public health. At Radio Canada he adds: "Regarding the importation of the virus by people coming from outside without quarantine, these are discussions that are ongoing between Quebec and Canada. There will be analyses and assessments of the risks."

Economic reasons

However, the President of Quebec, François Legault, is concerned about the long-term future for the GP of Canada. "If we don't have a Grand Prix in 2021, what will happen to our agreement for 2022-2029? Because let's not forget that the Grand Prix is the event where there are the most real economic benefits, because the money that comes from abroad is spent in Quebec, " he says. Offering financial support is also out of the question, according to Legault: "A lot of support has already been given."

On March 27, Stefano Domenicali was already in contact with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the issue of mandatory quarantine. He tried to convince him that the race should be able to go ahead. During the 2020 season, 78,000 PCR tests were conducted and only 78 people tested positive. According to the F1 boss, this percentage of 0.1% is so negligible that something should be possible.

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