Domenicali hints at two races in America but rejects two-day weekend

14-04-2021 08:01 | Updated: 14-04-2021 08:42
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Domenicali hints at two races in America but rejects two-day weekend

In a video of Stefano Domenicali is asked a number of questions to which he can only answer 'Yes' or 'No'. It gives a nice insight into the mind of the CEO of Formula 1.

Dilemmas. Everyone knows them and even the CEO of Formula 1 has to face them. For the video, he receives a sign with 'StefaYES' and a sign with 'StefaNO'. Asked if Mercedes' dominance will continue, the red sign with 'StefaNO' immediately goes up. ''With all due respect to Toto Wolff and his team.''

F1 remains the fastest

Domenicali believes there will be two F1 races in America in the near future, and he also assumes F1 will continue to produce the fastest cars. ''That's the goal though. It's not about who is the fastest on the straight, it's about balance. A race is about more than 300km, and then time determines who is the fastest.''

Where race weekends with just two days seemed like options, Domenicali is now deviating from that. ''All the organizers want to offer a full experience to the people and the fans, and we have to respect that.'' Domenicali also thinks the new rules are going to have a real impact on the ranking in F1. ''Not only because of the money involved but also because you need a different mentality and different way of working to be successful now,'' the CEO concludes.

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