How big will the calendar become? 'More than 23 races is unlikely'

12-04-2021 11:28 | Updated: 12-04-2021 11:31
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How big will the calendar become? 'More than 23 races is unlikely'

If everything goes according to plan, the 2021 Formula 1 season will consist of 23 races. The question is regularly asked if this will not be too much. According to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali the championship is reaching its limit.

Has the limit been reached?

In recent years the calendar has kept growing, with the exception of 2020 which had 'only' 17 Grands Prix. This year the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia has been added to the calendar and the Dutch GP has made its long awaited return. There are also talks about returning to Germany and Miami also wants its own race.

So there is a lot of demand to organise a Grand Prix, but Domenicali knows that the limit has almost been reached: "I think that more than 23 races is very unlikely, even if it is practically possible. At the moment there is an enormous interest in organising a Grand Prix. In the future we will have to think carefully about which countries are important for our strategy," the Italian told Auto, Motor und Sport.

Rotation is a possibility

Imola and Portimao will make an appearance early in the season but are not guaranteed a place on the 2022 calendar. Domenicali believes it is possible to rotate some circuits year to year. As long as the right balance is struck.

"Some of last year's new events lived on the fact that they were historic venues and spectacular circuits. But these venues also need to have the financial strength to put on an event," concludes Domenicali.

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