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Vettel is out in time: 'Rear of Ferrari SF21 even less stable!'

Vettel is out in time: 'Rear of Ferrari SF21 even less stable!'

10-04-2021 18:53 Last update: 20:33


Last year Ferrari's SF1000 was notorious for its rear end that was difficult to control. According to Charles Leclerc, the car has even become less stable in 2021.

Sebastian Vettel's final season at Ferrari was supposed to be a great farewell, but with a slow and also unstable car, the four-time world champion often found himself hanging around the back of the grid or running off the track.

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari seem to have started better with the SF21 this year, but according to Charles Leclerc, something has changed about the car's character. "In terms of racing, there is no difference, but it does feel different. You don't have to push as hard when you go into a corner. The rear of the car is more difficult to control because of the modified floor," the Monegasque explained in an interview with Motorsport.com.

Big difference in preference

While an unstable rear end is reportedly not up Sebastian Vettel's alley, that's not the case for Charles Leclerc. "I like a rear-end that moves a lot, so I can use that to turn the car. Other drivers suffer from this aspect."

"The rear of the SF1000 wasn't very stable either. That was never a problem for me, but I can't answer for Seb. It's just a characteristic that suits my driving style very much," concluded the young Ferrari driver.

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