Rosberg: 'Vettel must find way out of negative spiral'

08-04-2021 18:09 | Updated: 08-04-2021 18:33
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Rosberg: 'Vettel must find way out of negative spiral'

For Sebastian Vettel, 2020 was a lousy year, which was partly due to the poorly performing Ferrari. With his switch to Aston Martin, a new chapter has begun for the German, but the mistakes he made on the track at Ferrari appear on the first page. For example, he drove into Esteban Ocon at the end of the straight. This was in a similar way to how he previously knocked Max Verstappen off the track at Silverstone.

Finding a way out of the negative spiral

Sebastian Vettel's first appearance for Aston Martin has come in for a lot of criticism from the German. A collision like the one he had with Ocon should not happen to a very experienced veteran and it seems as if Vettel's racing style has changed little. A quick conclusion of course, based on the first impression. That doesn't rule out a development in the rest of the season, but it doesn't really look very bright.

Nico Rosberg has responded in conversation with Sky Sports Germany where he states that Vettel's actions do not belong to a four-time champion. However, what speaks in the German's favour is that the AMR21 is a challenging car and for Vettel, the car is completely new. With little track time prior to the season, it makes sense that the four-time champion still needs to get used to it.

Still, Vettel certainly needs to work on himself as well, as he has been in a negative spiral for quite some time. Rosberg: "He has to find a way out of this negative spiral, that’s very, very important. We’ve seen another mistake just now, which is atypical for a four-time World Champion. That’s where he has to find his way out, that’s very important."

Great races

Rosberg is hoping for the best in any case, the 2016 champion continued, "I really wish it to Sebastian, that he comes out of this low, what he brought with Ferrari and now a little bit to the first race. Funnily enough, it surprised me that he also says that he still doesn’t feel comfortable in the car.

"But okay, it’s a new team and he needs a little time. But Sebastian has huge talent, this is a four-time World Champion, so he’ll be fine and I’m sure we’ll see some great races from him this year," concludes the former teammate of Lewis Hamilton.

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