Verstappen does his own thing: "I do what works best for me"

08-04-2021 14:10 | Updated: 08-04-2021 15:38
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Verstappen does his own thing: I do what works best for me

In 2020, Max Verstappen was the only driver who could make things difficult for Mercedes at times, and so far it looks like he'll really be able to compete in 2021, now that the Red Bull Racing car seems to have finally closed the gap.

Verstappen does his own thing

At the moment it looks like Verstappen will be Lewis Hamilton's challenger for the world title. However, he says he doesn't look at his rival too much, and is mainly doing his own thing. "I mainly look at what I could have done better myself or can do differently, after every race," he said in an interview with Autosport magazine.

He also says that he looks at and analyses what others are doing, but that he doesn't copy them, because it automatically puts you behind because you don't innovate anymore. "It won't make you improve," Verstappen continues. "I stay myself and do what works best for me."




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