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Prost: 'In my day you made the difference by being ingenious'

Prost: 'In my day you made the difference by being ingenious'

07-04-2021 20:45 Last update: 20:48


In 2022 the FIA will unleash their much talked about budget cap on the world of Formula 1. The budget cap should ensure that the performance of the teams is closer to each other, to make racing more interesting and to bring back the excitement for the public.

New rules

The new technical regulations will also be introduced in 2022. This was actually planned for the current season, but as with so many things last year, COVID19 threw a spanner in the works. In combination with the budget cap, 2022 will turn out to be an interesting year for F1.


Alain Prost, former driver and current team advisor for Alpine, is not only a great supporter of the budget cap, he even calls it crucial. In conversation with Le Figaro, the Professor says that teams that can spend twice as much as Alpine are able to hire more staff, something that can only benefit the development of the car.

Prost says: 'In my day there was less emphasis on finance, but you could still make the difference by being ingenious.' According to the Frenchman, the arrival of major manufacturers and sponsors has created a climate in which teams have been formed that are difficult to disrupt. He also believes that the budget cap and the inclusion of the driver's salary is the best way to bring the teams closer together.

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