Montoya: 'Shocking how much more pleasant it is now in Formula 1'

07-04-2021 16:52 | Updated: 07-04-2021 18:09
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Montoya: 'Shocking how much more pleasant it is now in Formula 1'

Juan Pablo Montoya hasn't driven in Formula 1 for fifteen years now, but the eight-time Grand Prix winner still keeps a close eye on the developments. He sees positive developments since the take-over of Liberty Media.

Much more pleasant than before

At Montoya gives his take on the current state of Formula 1. "Formula 1 has been very interesting since Liberty got there. There have been a lot of changes. If you go into the paddock, it's honestly shocking how much more pleasant it is now compared to before," said the Colombian. "It's just more sociable, the people are much friendlier."

New regulations

With the arrival of Liberty Media, all sorts of things are also being done to bring the field closer together, such as aerodynamic changes and the budget cap. Good points, but Montoya is still sceptical. "Formula 1 is on the right track, as long as they can keep it under control. I'm sure people will find loopholes. That's always the case, but with time it will get better."

Montoya believes that in reality, the top teams have no limit. "They do everything that needs to be done to win. The people with the best ideas will probably do even better if you give them half the time. That's the problem."

Sprint racing is the future

Another new development that Montoya is looking forward to is sprint racing. "People's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So you can't hope to have people watching one race on TV for two hours. People like us, who love the sport, will. But the younger generations will have a hard time of it. Sprint racing is the way of the future."

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