Why Hamilton is so good: 'You can't find a weakness in Lewis'

07-04-2021 15:00 | Updated: 07-04-2021 15:47
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Why Hamilton is so good: 'You can't find a weakness in Lewis'

Lewis Hamilton is in the hunt for his eighth world title this year, but he'll have a tough time keeping up with Max Verstappen as Red Bull Racing look to match Mercedes. The seven-time champion won the first Grand Prix and Hamilton is seen by many as one of the best drivers ever. Why is this and what drives Hamilton? Several Mercedes team members discuss this in the new Beyond the Grid podcast.

A natural talent

Sporting director Ron Meadows is very short and clear about it, saying that Lewis Hamilton's strength lies in several things. "Natural talent. He's done a fantastic job. He's the complete package. You can't find a weakness in Lewis. Over time, he's gotten stronger and stronger."

To which Andrew Shovlin, technical director, responds by describing the mindset Hamilton has. "It's not a specific area, it's the fact that every time he doesn't win a race, he looks at why he didn't win it and how he can win it the next time something like that happens."

Tiring process

"It's the inexhaustible improving, the understanding, the process that he goes through... I think that's pretty exhausting because it never really stops. But like Ron says, he just keeps getting better and better. He's broken all the records, but to see a driver who keeps working so hard and treats every win like it's his first - which he really does - you see why he's where he is."

In short, Hamilton approaches each race with a sharp focus without making it easy on himself. In this, it's not just the car that helps, it's the focus and pertinent drive to keep performing better. The best reference in this respect is Valtteri Bottas, who is often outperformed by his teammate.

For Hamilton, achieving results is a consequence of: "Hard work, determination and the relentless urge to keep winning, " Shovlin said.

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