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Prost: He is very demanding and a perfectionist

Prost: "He is very demanding and a perfectionist"

06-04-2021 19:37 Last update: 20:16


Ahead of the current season Alain Prost said that although there are many important rule changes coming in 2022, this doesn't mean that 2021 will be just a gap year for the Alpine team. According to the former driver, 2021 is the perfect time to adjust all the inner team workings in order to be perfectly prepared for what is to come in the next season.

The Alonso effect

To ensure Alpine is fully prepared for the 2022 season, it brought back veteran World Champion Fernando Alonso after Daniel Ricciardo left the team for a spell at McLaren. According to Prost, Alonso is the perfect person to help Alpine, not in the least because of his experience. He even talks about an "Alonso effect".

"An Alonso effect at Alpine? Yes. A driver with such a personality automatically brings something extra. Fernando is very demanding and a perfectionist. He asks a lot of questions. It's up to us to take it on. He is very aware that he probably won't be able to win any races this year, but the truth is that even if he gets tenth with a car, he will fight for it with body and soul," Prost said in conversation with AS.com.


The choice for Alonso also plays an important role in the plan that the team has with Esteban Ocon. The young Frenchman is entering his second season with the Alpine team and will have to show results under Alonso's guidance. Prost said: "We expect a lot from Esteban Ocon. He knows the team now. Everything possible has been done to make things as comfortable as possible for him."

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