Schumacher on Vettel: "This whining has to stop"

05-04-2021 15:26 | Updated: 05-04-2021 16:08
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Schumacher on Vettel: This whining has to stop

Sebastian Vettel must now step on the gas and show how good he is according to Ralf Schumacher. The brother of Michael Schumacher expects that the four-times world champion will experience a tough season with his new team Aston Martin.

According to Schumacher, Aston Martin's problem lies in the fact that they can't immediately understand Vettel's changes. Therefore, Vettel's season will be a tough one. "I feel sorry for Sebastian. It's a huge problem and will take a lot of time," Schumacher said in conversation with

Vettel must find joy again

Vettel must not let these setbacks demotivate him. "He has to accelerate now. Life is not a pony camp," said Schumacher. It is important that the German driver beats teammate Lance Stroll thinks Schumacher. If that fails, he should at least have fun while racing. Schumacher also does not want to hear the complaining Vettel anymore. "That whining has to stop. He has to step on the gas now and he absolutely has to be faster than his teammate," he concluded.

Vettel's first Grand Prix weekend as an Aston Martin driver went downright poorly. The German failed to get out of Q1, collided with Esteban Ocon in the race and took home five penalty points on his super license.

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