Renault explains Abiteboul's departure: 'Difficult to go in a new direction'

05-04-2021 10:35 | Updated: 05-04-2021 10:56
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Renault explains Abiteboul's departure: 'Difficult to go in a new direction'

Cyril Abiteboul packed his bags at Renault at the end of 2020. According to the Renault management, a new name also means new management. Under the name Alpine we see other leaders at the team.

No place for Abiteboul

Renault already announced in 2020 that it would be racing under the Alpine name from 2021. A new name and new colour for the team that expressed such high ambitions in 2016, but did not yet manage to make that final step towards the top. In fact, under Abiteboul's leadership, the team even sank back down in recent years.

As team boss, Abiteboul was responsible for that lower performance, but Luca de Meo does not cite that as the main reason for his resignation. ''That question is a bit complicated. We started a new adventure and for the old people it would have been difficult to steer the team in this new direction'', the Renault CEO let us know via

''If they needed the parent company then they came, but their comfort zone was not to do that. That doesn't fit with the 'Renaulution' we envision.''

New leadership at Alpine

In that new organisation, there is room for 'two team bosses'. Alpine opts for a flatter and more democratic way of working at the top. Marcin Budkowski will take over as Managing Director and Davide Brivio has been appointed Race Director. Two positions that should replace Abiteboul's former role. Despite everything, De Meo is grateful to Abiteboul and Jerome Stoll.

''They started with the Formula 1 team in 2016 and say goodbye with a number of podiums. However, we have to look forward. It was a good start, but now a new chapter begins'', concluded the Renault CEO.

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