Still many question marks regarding the Grand Prix in Canada

Still many question marks regarding the Grand Prix in Canada

01-04-2021 15:18 Last update: 17:23

It is still far from certain that Formula 1 will race in Canada in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Grand Prix is scheduled for the second week of June but it remains to be seen if it will stay.

Last year was a very special season for Formula 1 because corona forced them to change the entire calendar. However annoying it was, Formula 1 showed that they could act fast and that there are enough circuits that can organise a race within a reasonable time. This year is still going reasonably well compared to last year. Since the release of the calendar not one Grand Prix has been cancelled.

This doubtful honour would possibly go to Canada. Motorsport-Total reports that there are uncertainties due to the quarantine regulations that are currently in place in Canada. On top of that, it is logistically quite a challenge because we race a week earlier in Baku.

Istanbul on the line?

Should the race in Canada not take place there are whispers that Turkey, just like last year, would be an option. Then the race will be held again at the circuit in Istanbul. Last year the race was a big sensation because of the slippery tarmac.

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