We're going to have a titanic battle between Mercedes and Red Bull

24-03-2021 15:52 | Updated: 24-03-2021 16:54
by GPblog.com
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We're going to have a titanic battle between Mercedes and Red Bull

We've been hoping for it for years, but until now the fans were always disappointed. Will there finally be a real duel between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing this year?

Regulation change

Since the introduction of the hybrid engines Mercedes dominates Formula 1. So the rule change at the time worked well for the German team that has shown its ability to handle change well. "But it seems that in its essence this rule change has worked for Red Bull and against Mercedes," analyzes Ted Kravitz ahead of Sky Sports F1 winter tests.

"Whoever came up with this rule change has either been lucky in potentially ending Mercedes' dominance, or it's just been an accidental side effect, because we're going to have a titanic battle," the analyst continued. "Mercedes are on the back foot, the rule change has worked against them and it's going to be fascinating to watch."

Exciting battle

David Croft is also expecting an exciting battle. "I think Mercedes will just come out on top in the end, although Red Bull do now have a stronger driver duo that they can use to fight Mercedes this year. Therefore, I think we have an incredible battle ahead of us. I don't think Mercedes are in as bad a shape as some headlines would have you believe."

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