Is Verstappen unlucky with the layout? 'This is really a disadvantage'

12-03-2021 09:28 | Updated: 12-03-2021 11:04
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Is Verstappen unlucky with the layout? 'This is really a disadvantage'

The wind and upcoming sandstorm have a big influence on the first day of the winter test in Bahrein. According to Ted Kravitz the drivers who have a full day today have a big disadvantage, including Max Verstappen.

With only three days of testing in Bahrain, every moment on track is precious. Bad luck with the car or circumstances is something you want to avoid as a team, but also as a driver. Max Verstappen has some bad luck at the moment because the wind plays a big role on Friday in Bahrein.

A disadvantage for Verstappen?

''If we are talking about the wind, then this is really a disadvantage for the drivers who have the whole day today. I don't want to be too dramatic about it, but Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen really have a disadvantage having this whole day in these tricky conditions. That's a big disadvantage compared to the drivers who share their day,'' Kravitz told F1TV.

Where most teams have chosen to deploy both drivers today, Ocon and Verstappen are in the car all day today. If it's less valuable because of the wind, that's certainly a disadvantage, but David Croft does provide a nuance. ''It could still be blowing tomorrow as well,'' the presenter said.

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