Ricciardo makes the most of his freedom since leaving Red Bull

06-03-2021 17:36 | Updated: 06-03-2021 23:22
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Ricciardo makes the most of his freedom since leaving Red Bull

Almost every young driver wants to be part of the Red Bull junior programme. Not only does it provide financial support at the start of your career, but if you do well, you also have a potential entry into no fewer than two Formula One teams. There are only a few minor drawbacks to this deal.

First of all, Red Bull makes you work for your money. If the brand can be promoted anywhere, you're irrevocably called upon to take part in all sorts of crazy activities and press moments. Especially in Formula 1, it's noticeable that Red Bull drivers are a lot busier around Grands Prix than others.

Other teams give drivers more freedom

The emphasis on the fact that it's mainly Red Bull drivers doesn't stop there. All Red Bull drivers are obliged to wear the Red Bull logo on their helmets. It's understandable that Red Bull does this, as it makes the drivers very recognisable as Red Bull drivers, but it also makes the helmets look quite similar. Drivers don't really have their own identity in the car this way.

For a unique chance to drive in F1 and a generous salary, any self-respecting driver is willing to do this. But that they also find it a pity can be seen in Daniel Ricciardo's helmets. Throughout his time at Red Bull, no design really stands out.

So when he decided to switch to Renault in 2019, he decided to put his acquired freedom to good use. Since then, he has had a very striking and unique helmet design every year. With colours you don't often see in F1. Here is a list of all his helmets (excluding special editions). Which one do you like best? Are you a fan of the 'rebellious' helmets of the past years or do you like the Red Bull sponsoring?

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