Hamilton: "I have a huge belief in and always bet on myself"

05-03-2021 17:40 | Updated: 05-03-2021 18:11
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Hamilton: I have a huge belief in and always bet on myself

It took a long time before Mercedes finally reached an agreement with Lewis Hamilton. The contract has now been signed, but only for one year. However, he does not think this will distract him during the course of the upcoming Formula One season.

Hamilton's expiring contract has been a big talking point among viewers and in the media, and it is likely that this will also be the case towards the end of next season. Hamilton himself, however, does not think this will create any additional pressure.

Hamilton feels no extra pressure with a one-year contract

"Time will tell," Hamilton said in a conversation with Motorsport.com. "It's not like it's my first rodeo. I've been in the position for a while where I've been asked that question, and in that respect, I don't really feel any pressure."

He continued: "Of course I continue to believe in myself immensely and would always bet on myself because I know what it takes to perform. I think I have an extraordinary relationship with Mercedes that goes very deep, and ultimately I think we will do more together than just race."

Hamilton went on to say that he will see over time whether he wants to continue racing or take a different path. "I still love what I do. I'm in the fortunate position where I don't have to commit to multiple years, so I chose for a one-year deal so I could see how the year goes," the reigning world champion concluded.

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