No number one driver at Alpine: "There will be no team instructions"

05-03-2021 10:51 | Updated: 05-03-2021 11:18
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No number one driver at Alpine: There will be no team instructions

Fernando Alonso comes to Alpine with high hopes for his return to Formula One, but the Spaniard should not expect the luxury treatment. The French team maintains that there is no question of a number one driver.

No number one driver at Alpine

After Alonso left Formula 1 at the end of 2018, it was known that he was likely to return and he did. The Spaniard will join Alpine in 2021, which is the former Renault with which he became world champion in 2005 and 2006. That status as sole Renault champion, however, does not give him an advantage for 2021.

''There is no number 1 and number 2 driver with us. I don't think that exists with many other teams either to be honest, but at least not with us. The drivers just have to be as fast as possible and of course challenge each other. It has to be a healthy battle. However, there will be no team instructions or a clear number 1,'' said Laurent Rossi according to

Ocon versus Alonso

Good news then for Esteban Ocon, although he understands that he will have to work hard to beat his new teammate. ''I've always had a lot of respect for him and I've been very close to him in recent races. I am definitely looking forward to racing with him. It has been a fun experience so far, and I assume that will be the case throughout the season as well.'' Ocon doesn't know if Alonso will be better than Daniel Ricciardo as a teammate.

''We will see. Fernando is a two-time world champion and for me it is the first time I will be working with a world champion. I expect Fernando to be ready for his return. He has done a lot of testing in the last year and with his experience he will be there in the first race. I expect him to be a tough opponent for me'', concludes the Frenchman.

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