Tost: "I am convinced that he will be very successful in Formula 1"

28-02-2021 14:15 | Updated: 28-02-2021 17:35
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Tost: I am convinced that he will be very successful in Formula 1

With Mick Schumacher, another big name will make his Formula 1 debut in 2021. The son of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is under contract to Haas, and may eventually find his way to Ferrari.

AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost is confident that a great career in Formula One awaits Schumacher. He therefore does not believe the conspiracy theories that arose when Schumacher won his Formula 3 title in 2018. The German managed to make little impression for a long time, until he suddenly won eight races in the second half of 2018.

Questions raised over Schumacher's sudden dominance

This led to a number of conspiracy theories from people who thought that Schumacher had been set up to win - however, there is no evidence of this to this day. Schumacher has now also won the Formula 2 championship, something that does not support such rumours.

Tost believes that Schumacher does not need such tricks to win. As an example, he cites a race at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. "It was raining heavily there, and then he won. The engine power is less important in the rain," Tost said in conversation with

Conspiracy theories about Ayrton Senna

"It was also claimed about Ayrton Senna in his time in Formula Ford that such performances were only possible with illegal tyres. But just as with Senna then, the conspiracy theories are not true with Schumacher either. He has driven a few races that were truly sensational. I am convinced that in time he will also be very successful in Formula 1," concludes Tost.

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