Plans for overtake button on new Formula 1 engines: "Spectacular solution"

28-02-2021 13:23 | Updated: 28-02-2021 13:50
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Plans for overtake button on new Formula 1 engines: Spectacular solution

2025 will mark the beginning of a new era in Formula 1. A new type of engine will replace the current V6 hybrid engines. What these new power sources will look like we do not know yet, but Ross Brawn and Gilles Simon give us a hint.

Goals of new Formula One engines

Ross Brawn, Formula One's sporting director, explains the general aims of the new engines. "We have to be CO2 neutral, the costs have to come down and the sound of the engine has to be right," Brawn said in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport.

Simon, head of engine design at the FIA, explains the current situation. "We benefit from the experience of engineers over the last 20 years. With this knowledge we are now able to simplify many things in the design."

He continues: "We can still put a limit on the power we can get out of the batteries, but within this limit we let the manufacturers decide how to handle this energy. This will allow manufacturers to differentiate themselves."

Overtake button

Part of this would be a new overtake button. "That means the driver can use extra power for overtaking manoeuvres in the race," Simon explains. "We will come up with a spectacular solution."

He also sees an opportunity to get the audience more involved in the action. "With today's technology, it would be easy to visualise this on the TV screen for the audience. You can then see when the driver is using the extra power or how much he has left," Simon says.

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