'Fourth season of Drive to Survive already approved by Netflix'

27-02-2021 18:31 | Updated: 27-02-2021 19:30
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'Fourth season of Drive to Survive already approved by Netflix'

In a few weeks, we will be able to enjoy Drive to Survive season 3 on streaming service Netflix. The media company is confident, as it seems that a new season has already been approved.

Formula 1 has gained many new fans in recent years. This is partly due to Liberty Media's efforts to make the sport more accessible through social media, but also in large part thanks to Drive to Survive. The documentary series has an exciting way of attracting new fans to motorsport.

In fact, the series is so popular that the fourth season of Drive to Survive has already been approved by Netflix before the third season was released on the streaming service. At least, that's what Brazilian sports journalist Julianna Cerasoli reports on Twitter. According to Cerasoli, she had an interview with Sergio Perez via Zoom and behind the Mexican were two cameramen from Netflix. Perez's fairy tale is, of course, one of the storylines that the documentary makers will use for a possible fourth season of Drive to Survive.

Not only praise for the series

While the series has brought many new fans to the sport, Drive to Survive has also received a fair amount of criticism. Among others, Max Verstappen is not a fan of the show. According to the Dutchman, people in Drive to Survive are portrayed how the creators want them to be and not as they really are. For example, in the first season, Verstappen is used as an antagonist to Daniel Ricciardo, who is one of the protagonists in the series.

The third season of Drive to Survive will be released on the streaming service on 19 March, putting a magnifying glass on the bizarre 2020 Formula One season.

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