Max Verstappen keeps busy and will race this afternoon

27-02-2021 11:55 | Updated: 27-02-2021 12:39
Max Verstappen keeps busy and will race this afternoon

The Formula 1 season only starts in a few weeks. But that does not mean that Max Verstappen is sitting still. He stays busy. On Saturday, for example, he is competing in the iRacing 12 Hours of Bathurst.

Verstappen will not actually be on the track. This race is being held online. The Dutchman will be driving an Audi for Team Redline.

Certainly not the first time

Verstappen's participation in an online event is certainly not new. Last year he already participated in this race. He was almost successful. Were it not for the fact that he crashed just before the end. As a result, he had to settle for fourth place.

Earlier this year Verstappen also drove in an online event. He did that with only one teammate. Because of this, he raced twelve hours (!). The start of this 24-hour race was delayed. Due to service problems, the race could only start after a few hours.

The iRacing 12 hours of Bathurst can be followed live via this link. The start is at 13.20

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