Binotto: 'We won a lot of speed back on the straights'

26-02-2021 15:04 | Updated: 26-02-2021 17:45
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Binotto: 'We won a lot of speed back on the straights'

After losing a lot of speed in 2020, Ferrari are confident they are on the right track to regaining it. Team boss Mattia Binotto believes much of that speed has already been regained.

"Last year our biggest problem was speed on the straights, both in terms of power and drag," Binotto told after the team launch on Friday. "We worked hard on the engine but also on the aerodynamics, to reduce the drag of the car."

Binotto optimistic about next season

According to Binotto, the team has already achieved good results in both areas. "Based on our simulations, I think we have gained a lot of speed back on the straights. So I don't expect that speed will be such a big problem anymore."

"Hopefully we can be competitive, but we won't know until Bahrain. It always depends on what the others do. But we believe our car is more efficient than last year's, both in terms of aerodynamics and the engine," Binotto said.

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