Binotto strict: "I expect less mistakes, very few, or none"

26-02-2021 13:27 | Updated: 26-02-2021 14:58
Binotto strict: I expect less mistakes, very few, or none

Mattia Binotto knows very well what Ferrari has to do next season in Formula 1. After a dramatic 2020, the Italian team is aiming for a return to glory. During the team presentation on Friday afternoon, the team boss spoke motivating words.

"We have recently had disappointments that must not be repeated," Binotto stated on his employer's website. "Our duty is clear: we must represent and honour the Ferrari flag - it is a symbol of outstanding Italian excellence. I expect less mistakes, very few, or none."

Last year, of course, it was the engine that was dozens of horsepower short of engine power, but the chassis also proved underperforming. For that reason, Ferrari also completely reorganised the chassis department.

Binotto not present at every Grand Prix

Binotto will also focus more on the technical side of things next season. This means that he will be absent from Grands Prix more often. Laurent Mekies will do the honours. Binotto will also no longer have to worry about the commercial side of things as that will fall to Nicola Boari. Organisationally there are quite a few changes to be seen at the team in Maranello.

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