Schumacher refuses to answer journalist's question

26-02-2021 12:18 | Updated: 26-02-2021 12:23
Schumacher refuses to answer journalist's question

A journalist asked Mick Schumacher about the situation of his father Michael Schumacher. The German driver, who will make his debut as a Formula 1 driver this year, didn't want to release any extra details. 

It is an unwritten rule in Formula 1 that one is not asked about Michael Schumacher's condition. The Formula 2 champion never speaks out about private matters.

It is still unclear how the seven-time world champion is doing after his skiing accident in 2013. The Schumacher family has decided not to reveal anything about it.

Schumacher refuses to answer

A journalist from La Stampa tried to talk to Schumacher Jr. When asked if the 21-year-old driver had spoken about his debut with his father, he replied, "That's something private, let's talk about motor racing again."

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