Verstappen sees opportunity for Red Bull: 'Who did it best?'

26-02-2021 07:29 | Updated: 26-02-2021 08:53
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Verstappen sees opportunity for Red Bull: 'Who did it best?'

Max Verstappen has had his first drive in the RB16B and already noticed a change due to the new floor. This will have the biggest impact in 2021, according to the Dutchman, while he remains level-headed about his chances.

Verstappen looks ahead

Red Bull Racing hopes to finally compete for the world title again in the final year of its partnership with Honda. The RB16B should bring Verstappen, and Sergio Perez, closer to Mercedes, who have won the last seven world titles. Verstappen does not want to make too many statements in advance, however.

''I just try to be realistic, like always actually'', the Dutchman told ''People often talk about the restless rear, but in my view, it was just about general grip. That's where we were a bit short last year. The same goes for engine power, but that's no secret either.''

The new floor of the RB16B

So Verstappen knows where the team fell short last year but also sees a major stumbling block for 2021. ''You can't change much to the car, but that floor is still the biggest intervention. It's quite a challenge to regain the lost downforce. It will be interesting to see who has done it best.''

So there could be shifts in the order on the grid, but no major shifts are to be expected. Verstappen doesn't want to worry about that either. ''We'll see in Bahrain'', was his sober answer.

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