Red Bull copies Mercedes' approach and goes for similar rear suspension

25-02-2021 16:09 | Updated: 25-02-2021 16:46
Red Bull copies Mercedes' approach and goes for similar rear suspension

There's not a lot to make out in the images of the new RB16B yet, but according to The Race, it's certain that Red Bull Racing has taken a leaf out of the book of competitor Mercedes. The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have opted for a similar rear suspension in 2021.

Mercedes' rear end proved to be a great time saver last year and Red Bull has now gone for a similar construction. 

Red Bull gets it done

Each of the teams has had two tokens to improve certain areas of the car. Which parts Red Bull has chosen is still not entirely clear.  

Red Bull's changes to the rear suspension are related to aerodynamic progress. This is an area where unlimited improvements can be made (within the budget ceiling of 145 million dollars). Still, it is not an easy task for Adrian Newey and his men to copy Mercedes' concept just like that.

What can and cannot be changed on the rear of the car (without the use of tokens) is very precise. Mercedes could build everything exactly the way they wanted last year, but that's not possible for Red Bull. They have to work within all strict regulations in order not to exceed the number of tokens. However, Red Bull seems to have succeeded now. The question is whether it will work as well as it did for Mercedes. Here you can read and see the technical details of the story.

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