In the picture: What does Red Bull Racing have to hide with the new RB16B?

25-02-2021 11:19 | Updated: 25-02-2021 12:55
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In the picture: What does Red Bull Racing have to hide with the new RB16B?

Red Bull Racing came into action on Wednesday at the Silverstone circuit. First with the RB15 and later also with the RB16B. The team has also published many photos, but still lacking good pictures of Max Verstappen's newest car.

Red Bull Racing was due to unveil its new car for 2021 on Tuesday, but many fans were disappointed. It was just two studio shots, and from an angle that made little sense. If you compare this year's photo with the one from 2020, you'll need a magnifying glass to spot the differences.

RB16B remains mysterious

Of course, there are some differences. The floor, for example, has been redesigned by Red Bull to comply with the new rules and Craig Scarborough noticed that Red Bull also changed the rear suspension, seemingly taking a leaf out of Mercedes' book. There was nothing else to see.

And it will remain that way for a while, because of all the pictures Red Bull published of the filming day, there is not one clear shot of the RB16B. Red Bull clearly seems to want to withhold information from the competition, who they obviously don't want to make any wiser. We will probably see the real RB16B in Bahrain.

Check out the photos from the filming day at Silverstone here

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