De Vries: 'The goal is to win, we don't have to beat around the bush'

25-02-2021 09:43 | Updated: 25-02-2021 10:07
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De Vries: 'The goal is to win, we don't have to beat around the bush'

Nyck de Vries told Formula in an interview around the upcoming Formula E season that he has only one goal and that is to win. He is going to be fully committed to being as consistent as possible next season, starting with the night race at the Diriya street circuit in Saudi Arabia.

De Vries will soon start his second Formula E season, for which he has already started testing in Saudi Arabia after his quarantine period. He has his sights set on the top prize for himself and Mercedes next season, but realises that from the first race next Friday it will not work the same way as in Formula 1.

"The goal is to win. We don't have to beat around the bush about that. This championship does require a different approach. In Formula 1 you become champion by winning as many races as possible, in Formula E you have to be constant, get good points all the time and make sure you are still there in the final weekend. Look at my Mercedes teammate Stoffel Vandoorne: last year he entered the final race ninth in the World Championship and finished second. Hence: regularity. Victories and podiums are nice and that is what we are doing it for, but they will come when the regularity is there."

De Vries sees great opportunities for next season

As with every season, the cars have been put through their paces. De Vries is looking forward to upcoming races, realising that there is no room for error during night driving on a street circuit, and sees great opportunities for the season ahead. Every racing stable is bound by rules, but in the free sectors, he believes, lies the profit.

"We have been continuously developing the car since the season finale in Berlin (mid-August 2020). The bodywork, tyres and monocoque are the same on all cars, but the rear is 'free'. Most of the teams have a new powertrain and we have done a lot of testing. With each team working individually on the rear end and software for it, there really is a difference."

Although the Dutch driver is looking forward to the races and to, according to him, the most beautiful track on the racing calendar, he has to work hard for the precious points. Techeeta, the winning team of the past two Formula E seasons, must be beaten and they have been busy too. De Vries does not underestimate his rivals and knows he will have to work hard to show results this season, which starts this Friday with eight races across six countries.

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