UPDATE | 'Besides Haas, Williams is also a candidate for pink livery'

18-02-2021 08:24 | Updated: 18-02-2021 11:01
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UPDATE | 'Besides Haas, Williams is also a candidate for pink livery'

The pink Racing Point of 2020 will not be seen again in 2021, as Aston Martin will drive with green colours. The pink does not seem to be going away completely, however, as BWT has reportedly found another place in Formula 1.

In 2017, Force India surprised friend and foe with the new livery of the VJM10. It suddenly turned out to be pink and that had everything to do with the new sponsor BWT. With the pink colour, the water company has a unique look and naturally stands out in the Formula 1 field. Aston Martin, however, does not want the pink colour.

Schumacher in pink?

With the takeover of Aston Martin, the partnership with BWT came to an end. Aston Martin might have had a small strip of pink left for the sponsor, but the entire car would no longer be shrouded in pink. BWT therefore decided to leave and it looked like the sponsor would not return to F1 either.

Express.de now reports that Haas is negotiating with the sponsor. BWT would like to dress the Americans' car in pink, in return for a million euros for Haas. An interesting option for the team that was unable to find a new title sponsor after the deal with Rich Energy and therefore decided to go for a combination of young talent and a bag of money for 2021.

UPDATE | Besides Haas, Williams is also a candidate for pink livery

Earlier on Thursday it became clear that Haas is a candidate to take over the pink livery of Racing Point in 2021. However, former Racing Point sponsor BWT has several options. Williams is also a candidate according to Autosport.com. Which of the two teams will get a pink livery in 2021?

Williams itself did not want to comment on the rumours surrounding this sponsorship. ''Williams Racing is shaping an exciting new brand direction and commercial strategy and this is resulting in significant interest as we begin a new era for the team. By their nature these discussions are confidential so as a policy, we do not comment on any specifics or speculation'', a Williams spokesman revealed.

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