Doctors predict if Alonso can fully recover for new F1 season

14-02-2021 16:44 | Updated: 14-02-2021 22:37
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Doctors predict if Alonso can fully recover for new F1 season

Earlier this week Fernando Alonso crashed hard in a cycling accident, which left him with a broken jaw. He immediately underwent surgery, but the question now is whether he can fully recover before the start of the new Formula 1 season.

His team, Alpine, is confident that he will be fully fit again for the first Grand Prix. Experts have been giving an estimation on how long it could take for his injuries to heal.

Quick recovery expected for Alonso

Dr. Fernando Almeida Parra of the Spanish Association for Jaw and Facial Injuries cites a recovery time of between ten and fourteen days, report. "But it depends on the severity of the injury," he said.

The doctor also explained that Alonso should maintain strict oral hygiene, to avoid inflammation. For days or even weeks after jaw surgery, only liquid food should be eaten.

Under these conditions, Alonso could then heal very quickly, according to Dr. Federico Hernandez Alfaro of the University of Barcelona. "It should not take too long, three to four weeks, before a return to normal life is possible."

Therefore, if the recovery goes well, Alonso will be able to wear a helmet without any problems and participate in the first race.

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