UPDATE | Alonso responds to accident: "I'm ok"

11-02-2021 19:37 | Updated: 12-02-2021 13:59
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UPDATE | Alonso responds to accident: I'm ok

Fernando Alonso was hit by a car while riding his bike in Switzerland, according to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta among others. He was quickly transported to the hospital.

According to La Gazzetta, the Spanish driver was riding his bicycle in Switzerland near Lugano when he was hit by a car. The two-time world champion was quickly helped and taken to a local hospital. The first X-rays showed possible fractures. If that is the case, Alonso may have to miss the start of the season.

Update | Renault confirms accident Alonso

Fernando Alonso has indeed been involved in an accident while cycling in Switzerland. The two-time world champion is conscious, Alpine reports. Medical examinations tomorrow will have to show how extensive the damage actually is.

Update | Alonso with jaw fracture following road collision

Fernando Alonso has reportedly suffered a broken jaw following his incident on the bike. Italian Motorsport.it reports that there is a fracture in the Spaniard's jaw, but that no other fractures or injuries have been found. BBC journalist Andrew Benson also reports that he understands the Spaniard has a fractured jaw and is being transferred to Bern where there are specialists for this type of fracture.

UPDATE | Alonso undergoing surgery for broken teeth

According to Motorsport.com, Fernando Alonso will indeed be transferred to Bern for surgery. According to this medium, the injuries are broken teeth. Motorsport.com also reports that Alonso fell off his bike when he tried to brake to avoid a collision with the car.

UPDATE | Alpine assumes Alonso is ready for start of season

Alpine has clarified the status of Fernando Alonso in a new message. ''Following his incident yesterday, Alonso has remained in hospital in Switzerland for observation. There the doctors found a fracture in his upper jaw and operated successfully. The team at the hospital is very pleased with his progress.''

''Fernando will remain in hospital for the next 48 hours for observation. Looking ahead, after a few days of rest he will be able to resume training and we expect him to be fully fit for the preparation of the season. Alpine and Fernando would like to thank everyone for their support," the statement said.

UPDATE | Alonso responds on Twitter

Alonso has responded to his accident Thursday afternoon for the first time himself. "Thanks for all your wishes. I'm ok and looking forward to getting 2021 underway," the Spaniard wrote in his tweet.

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