Vettel put to work by Aston Martin: German media report his Aston Martin schedule

03-02-2021 10:38 | Updated: 03-02-2021 12:33
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Vettel put to work by Aston Martin: German media report his Aston Martin schedule

Sebastian Vettel had to leave Ferrari at the end of 2020 but he has become Aston Martin's marquee driver. In preparation for the new 2021 Formula One season, Vettel is not only active in the factory but also clearly as the brand's figurehead.

Vettel Aston Martin ambassador

With four world titles, Vettel is still one of the big names in Formula 1 but in his time with Ferrari he struggled to challenge for the title. In 2013, Vettel won his fourth and final title for Red Bull Racing and after his mixed spell with the Scuderia he's not at Aston Martin.

Lawrence Stroll did everything he could to tie Vettel to his new brand, finding a clause in Sergio Perez's contract to release him. Vettel is to become Aston Martin's main driver and that is evident from his schedule published by German Sport Bild. Vettel is not only with Aston Martin as a driver but also as an ambassador of the brand.

Long time away from home

Vettel has already been seen in team videos in recent weeks, with the hair, or rather lack of hair, being particularly noticeable. In the coming weeks, Vettel will focus on the technical side of his job, according to the German magazine. Vettel has often expressed his interest in the technical side of Formula 1, and with the to get his hands on the Mercedes engine, Vettel is keen to see how the team works.

According to the German media, the presentation of the new Aston Martin, as well as that of Mercedes, will take place in the first week of March. After that, the team will prepare for the winter test in Bahrain and two weeks later the race in the same country. Only then will Seb fly back to Switzerland, where he currently lives.

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